Clinical Trials Begin After Combined Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Treatment for ALS Is Approved By FDA

stem cell treatment trials by researcher

The FDA has granted approval for tests to go ahead on a new combination gene and stem cell treatment for sufferers of degenerative condition ALS. The study will be conducted at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, by leading regenerative researchers. They hope that the treatment will halt the progression of the debilitating illness.

ALS is sometimes referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. It is a neurological condition which damages the motor neurons that regulate muscle movement. It also causes the spinal cord and brainstem to deteriorate. Eventually, it causes full paralysis.

As the motor neurons degrade, sufferers lose the power to generate and regulate muscle movement. Paralysis is gradual but generally, occurs around five years after an ALS diagnosis. As there is no cure for the disease, the outcome is death.

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How To Quickly Find The Nearest Medical Clinic In Your City

Medical Walk-in Clinics Near Me

To The Hospital, Or Clinic, Quick!

Whenever people have an emergency situation where they need to go to a doctor, they are often faced with this problem. They can go to an emergency room if it is after hours, but they will not be able to get to their regular doctor if it is in the middle of the night. Instead, you can find medical clinics that are in your city that provide 24-hour services. They can help you with whatever problem you are facing, day or night, and here is how you can find them.

What Medical Clinics Do

For those that do not have a regular doctor, or they happen to be passing through a city on a vacation, they can go to one of these clinics to get medical attention. They will often take any insurance, and take cash, allowing you to get an appointment with one of the doctors that are providing services that day. These physicians are not specialists. They are general practitioners. They are able to provide you with the help that you need. For those that do not have an emergency situation, that would prefer not going to an emergency room which can be extremely expensive; they can instead go to a medical clinic that is in the area.

How Do You Find Them

You can find these clinics searching in the phone book, or you can just use your cell phone. It is the easiest way to find a clinic near you. It will show you a map of the nearest ones, allowing you to tap on the bubble where each clinic is located, giving you all of the contact information. Additionally, if you have the map open, you will have another app pop-up that can get you to that destination. It will already know where you are, and you simply have to follow the directions, and you will soon be able to get the medical treatment that you need.

How Many Are In Most Cities?

Most cities have several clinics, especially if it is a large metropolitan area. Even small rural communities have a couple. They are offered through the county in most cases, with fully certified doctors and nurses, that can help address minor medical issues and problems. Of course, if you are in an accident, you will need to go to the emergency room where they will have all of the machinery and experts to help you with that type of the situation. Therefore, if you have cut yourself and you need to have stitches, a clinic is probably going to work. However, if you are in a car accident with multiple problems, an emergency room is definitely where you want to be.

Walk-in Medical Clinics

Article Summary

Once you have located a couple of these in your area, you can simply drive over and get treated. As mentioned earlier, if you do have insurance it will more than likely take what you have, or you can simply pay by credit card once the procedure is completed.

Children Need To Get Outside And Play More Often!

children playing on outdoor playground equipment
It’s healthy for children to interact and play playground equipment. Photo courtesy of Suttle Recreation.

The majority of the kids that are growing up in modern society are regularly surrounded by media input. Not only are there big billboards and neon signs screaming at them as they sit in the backseat while adults drive them down the road, when at home or other places, but the onslaught also continues. From television and smartphones to advertisements that speak to shoppers as they walk by, kids see more of this messaging than any generation before them every has.

While many great things have come about as a result of technological advancements, there are also some drawbacks. For the youngest age, this can be a reduction in the amount of time spent outside. In fact, kids today spend very little time playing outdoors than those of previous generations. However, these little ones still need to get out into yards and playgrounds to grow up healthy and happy and completely satisfied developmentally.

2 kids playing on swing
Kids can learn balance and gain strength by playing on swings and other equipment.

Getting outside is important because there are certain skills and life lessons that you cannot get from watching it on a show or other media related device. For instance, the thrill of the air running through the hair while a person slides down a twisty slide at a local park is something you will never get from watching an animated character do it on the screen. Kids need to have these first-hand experiences to grow up well.

Playground equipment provides plenty of opportunities for kids to get up and move around. There is a growing concern about the sedentary lifestyle that many people lead today and the potential negative impact it can have on health and wellness. Those who are starting life out deserve to get to play and enjoy the fresh air. They will have plenty of time when the demands of life keep them seated at a desk entering information into a computer!

Another reason that it is good for kids to get outside and play at the local playground or one at the school is that it gives them the opportunity to work well together with others which are a major life skill that everyone must learn. Negotiating the various aspects of the playground, such as who will push the merry go round or who gets to go down the slide first helps to lay the groundwork for future negotiating skills.

If you have a youngster, it is important that you make certain he or she has regular access to playground equipment which will allow them to exercise and hang out with their peers in a relaxing and fun environment. You can also make sure that their school and aftercare center has good playground equipment for the little ones to use.

Your youngster will certainly appreciate all of the benefits that come from playing and hanging out on the playground equipment they get exposed to while they are growing up. It will keep them active and give happy memories!

Benefit of Dance And Fine Arts For Children

In this world of STEM education, the arts have been mostly forgotten. And this is at the expense of children and the world as a whole. Physicist and science educator, Neil Degrasse Tyson has stated that he would not want to visit any place where there isn’t any art, what a cruel and creative-less place that would be. We know from scientific research that the arts are very important to the development of children. The arts have been shown to help children better develop math and science skills. It teaches children how to teach outside of the box.

Kids who are involved in the arts, music and dance have higher IQs than children who are not exposed to the arts. So the best  that a parent can do is expose their kids to the arts. The arts will help develop you child into a greater thinker, there are also reports that show how the arts help children with problem solving and abstract thinking. Kids who are in music, dance and painting classed are able to find unique solutions to problems vs simply rely on a singular set of rules which is a skill that is in demand in the technological world

It is interesting that what the arts help kids develop into, common core was created to also bring kids to this level of thinking– multiple ways to solve a problem, being able to take what is learned outside of the classroom and apply it to different areas of life. They both create the same type of outside of the box learned that the job market and society needs more than ever. Gone are the days of the bean counter and the robotic rule followers– the world needs idea people with discipline who can get things done.

Many daycare’s offer the teaching of fine arts to children such as Xtreme Talent. When offering this service in a daycare, children want to go more learning many skills that could not be learned otherwise.

The fine arts and dance teaches will power, self-discipline, grit, and abstract logic. These skills are highly valuable and are much needed. When you put a child in a dance class, they aren’t just using their body, they are building the foundation for more complex ways of thinking about the world and solving problems. Yes, dance is great for physical fitness but it is also great for the mind. A fit thinker is what you create when you send your kids to a dance class. These are all great reasons why the arts should be respected funded and why you should enroll your child in such a program.

Hiring Home Care Services For Seniors

senior beside a sign that says "rest home" and "home"

If your family has been largely healthy and young, then you may have a notion of what health care looks like, especially as you age. Maybe you watched a lot of movies as a kid, and you just cannot shake the idea of an elder family member getting sick, ending up in the hospital, and then transitioning to a dreadful nursing home. Times have changed, and these days hiring home care services for seniors is a realistic alternative option.

There are many different housing options. If the situation for your loved one becomes severe enough, they or you may prefer to send them to a senior living community. At a facility like this, they will enjoy the full spectrum of care that is provided including medical care and support in their activities of daily living, plus cleaning services and meal preparation all the way to Alzheimer’s care or even a skilled nursing facility.

Though, let’s not put the cart before the horse. For many, grandpa is destined to stay at home, and for the most part, a home care service can provide the services he needs. They may stick around all day to take care of whatever he cannot do for himself any longer. It might involve buying groceries, filling prescriptions, administering medication, bathing him, dressing him, cleaning his clothes, cooking meals, feeding him, and shopping for food. Also, a professional may be trained to notice significant changes for better or for worse.

nurse helping senior in home

There is a full list of different activities of daily living that everyone needs to be able to do to be a fully functioning adult. Some seniors need help because they are the only one left in their family, or their family is too far away to provide care. Usually, though, it is up to a medical social worker, physician, or a nurse to bring up the need for an evaluation and then to determine if they meet the criteria for having home care services.

In some cases, it may provide much-needed human interaction while also keeping grandma or your elderly mother under a professional’s eyes all day. Maybe her Alzheimer’s has gotten worse, or she has plateaued and maintained some degree of functional gaps since a stroke a few years back. Well, that is where a home care professional can come in and perform for your mom what she is no longer able to do.

Paying For Home Care

Paying for care may not be as complicated as you think. It can be overwhelming and extremely stressful to have a father who is fine one day, has a stroke and suddenly needs all kinds of care. There is nothing like having to make split-second decisions about your own father’s future while under duress.

That’s what many have to do. If dad is younger, and has not yet retired and would not be eligible to collect social security, consider applying for disability for him. Even better, he may qualify for Medicaid, which will provide a home care professional. The same is true if he is already covered under Medicare.